About Pat

I am Pat Savage-Williams, and I am seeking re-election for the Evanston Township High School (ETHS) District 202 Board of Education.  My husband, Roger, and I have lived in the Evanston-Skokie school community for 38 years. Our two daughters attended District 65 schools and are recent graduates of ETHS.   I have facilitated groups at the Evanston YWCA and have been a Girl Scout leader for seven years.  In addition, I facilitate SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) and Beyond Diversity for educators and community members on a regular basis.

Professionally, I have worked as an educator for 39 years, I have worked with students from pre-school through grade 12. My 25 years as a School Psychologist in District 65 gives me unique awareness of the issues that students and families face in our community, as does my current position as School Psychologist and Special Education Coordinator in a North Shore high school for the past twelve years.  Given my strong understanding of the many pressures that adolescents grapple with today, particularly in our community, I believe that my professional expertise is an asset to the School Board.

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with dedicated school administrators, teaching staff and parents toward our common goal: to create high achieving schools.  Providing a solid education is the greatest gift we can give to our children.  Every student has the right to an education that enhances individual strengths, improves weaknesses, and fosters confidence and self-esteem. Thus, my highest priority is to meet the needs of all students within our school community.

As your representative on the Board of Education, I advocate for making ETHS a safe school for all students, keeping class sizes small, ensuring excellence in teaching, and protecting each student’s opportunity to learn and succeed.  I listen, observe, respect and support ETHS students, staff and families while bolstering the district in providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum that will raise the performance of all students.  I also strive to build effective partnerships with parents, district staff and the Evanston community.  Currently, I am the President of the School Board.  In this role, I make decisions that are fiscally responsible while being mindful of the best possible uses of our resources.

The ETHS mission states that Evanston Township High School has embraced its diversity and is dedicated to educating all students to their fullest potential.  I believe ETHS can be a model school where a variety of perspectives are offered and all students’ needs are addressed.  Evanston has great potential to be an exemplary community where citizens truly work together while maintaining our ethnic and racial identities and celebrating our diversity.  District 202 has a significant opportunity and responsibility to prepare our students for a global society that is becoming more complex each day.  With my skills, passion and experience, I will continue to be a strong advocate for the school and the community.  Please support my candidacy for the District 202 Board of Education.